IKEA E1743 On/Off Switch laggy/ unresponsive


I have been using the Tradfri E1743 with ZHA for a while now and I have 5 of those switches. I was using the Conbee II and it worked perfectly for two of them, 3 of them sometimes were laggy. So I would have to press the button three or four times before they even responded.

I recently bought the Sonoff ZbDongle-E as I thought it might be an option to get rid of some problems I had with the Conbee II, like the problem with Ikea Switches. I paired the switches with Zigbee2MQTT and used the Sonoff Dongle.

Unfortunately, it is even worse now. Now the IKEA switch sometimes does not respoind for a minute.

What am I missing here? What is the problem and how can I fix it?