IKEA Fyrtur and HA paring with deconz

I have used IKEA fyrtur covers for the last 6 month. At no point have it been a stable solution. I have 13 covers and at all time at least one of the are not working and need to be reconnected manually.

Im in a RPI4 with Conbee2 and deConz

Right now i can see 4 of my covers have a good mesh


And i can control them in VNC

But I cant control them through the HA interface. I have tried to restart the deConz and hassio itself. I ahve tried through the lovelace UI, Node-red and the “call service” feature.


All of my light, smartplugs etc. on deConz works perfectly.

It seems like its the deCONZ call from HA UI does come through to the cover. Any ideas how to troubleshoot it?

hey, did you find a solution?

I have set up my whole setup again, however, it hangs with the IKEA shutters.

I have a similar problem using WebGUI to control the shutters without problems.

but nothing is displayed in home assistant. (except battery status)

also I tried it with the deconz plugin in node red, unfortunately also without success (nothing is found)