IKEA FYRTUR block-out roller blind support

Does anyone know if this is fixed in : Release 0.100.2 - October 12 ?

Not according to the blog. Think I red somewhere this will be implemented in 0.101. Was hoping for 0.100.3

Ah thanks :slight_smile:

Anyone tried these with the built in zha Zigbee support in HA? I am curious as I don’t have any Zigbee devices yet and I hate hubs.

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I’m trying to improve how Fyrtur is represented in Home Assistant. In order to do that, there are a few changes that needs to be made in pytradfri, which is the library Home Assistant relies on.

If you have time, please test this branch: https://github.com/ggravlingen/pytradfri/pull/251 by running the example_cover_async script found in the examples folder. Please report any finding in the GIthub issue.

OMG the Ikea app, directions and pairing process is a total dumpster fire painful (my z-wave devices where a breeze in comparison). The blinds hardware seems decent but man this experience is BAD.

Hopefully by the time I get them working in Ikeas own hub the integration will have improved.

Is there any way to monitor the battery status of the blinds? Before the update to 0.101 I had the battery as a sensor state. Now this is gone.

I think i it was changed in 0.101

IKEA Tradfri - The Tradfri sensors (e.g., button remotes and motion detectors) are now being represented as battery entities and will no longer have remaining battery power represented as an attribute. Use the sensors state instead to monitor the remaining battery power. - (@ggravlingen - #27245) (tradfri docs)

Ive got some issues lately with tradfri fyrtur in combination with deconz.
My sliders and status don’t update when the blinds go up or down. It has worked for a few weeks but since 2 days it doesnt. I have installed the latest hassio update.
I have tried the following actions:
reset my deconz
delete and add multiple times the fyrtur blinds.
but somehow i cant get it working. Are there other people how has the same issue?

I’m not using deconz, just the trådfri hub. But what I noticed the blind should be in the fully open position when restart HA. Mine was slightly down, and I had the same issue as you. Not sure its related, but maybe worth a try…

If there’s anyone figured out how to get the battery status of the blinds, please post.
The only sensor data from tradfri I get is from the remote buttons and the repeater.
Got nothing from the blinds…

Is it not the one called “Trader On/Off Switch” ?

mine is at 34% charged now…


no he means the battery of the fyrtur blinds
the sensor you show is the one from the remote

I thought that was the “Trader open/close remote”

my remote is 87% battery level is this one



yeah, I mean the blinds. I also have my 2 remotes show up battery. But I want the blinds. I had them before the update to 101. They showed up as sensor.blind1, sensor.blind2 and so on…
Now its gone…

Ive tested it but restarting hassio while blinds where fully open didnt resolve the status update issue

Running 101 as well, also only seeing battery status for remotes, repeaters show a unknown% for battery state (they are plugin devices) and the blinds show nothing at all.

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Anybody know if the blinds can be controlled by Zigbee2Mqtt?

According to https://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/devices/E1926.html, yes.

Someone broke the blind battery level sensor, I wonder why.