IKEA FYRTUR block-out roller blind support

yeah, I mean the blinds. I also have my 2 remotes show up battery. But I want the blinds. I had them before the update to 101. They showed up as sensor.blind1, sensor.blind2 and so on…
Now its gone…

Ive tested it but restarting hassio while blinds where fully open didnt resolve the status update issue

Running 101 as well, also only seeing battery status for remotes, repeaters show a unknown% for battery state (they are plugin devices) and the blinds show nothing at all.

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Anybody know if the blinds can be controlled by Zigbee2Mqtt?

According to https://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/devices/E1926.html, yes.

Someone broke the blind battery level sensor, I wonder why.

Hi! I Have tried everyting and search all over but i cant get FYRTUR blinds to work with deCONZ. I have two blinds and the best i got was one blind and coud not open or close it. I have also tried with the repetaters and remote nothing helps… Is there a way to find out what i am doing wrong or is in not 100% working yet?

I don’t think this thread is about deconz. However, I have a blind and (apart from the fact HA claims it’s closed if it’s less than 100% open) it works perfectly with deconz.

It shows in deconz as a light, where %brightness equates to %open, so you pair it as a light. HA then recognises that it’s actually a blind/cover.

What problems are you having?

I cant get them to pair as light. i hold the two buttons down for 5-6sec, lights blink and then deconz dont fint enything

Not sure, I can help, my blind is a long way from my conbee, there are lights in the same room acting as routers. Paired, 1st time.

Do you have other powered zigbee devices (routers) nearby the blind?

Yes i have… 3 bulbs from IKEA. How did you pair the blinds?

after a long press (what you’re doing) which is a reset, has completely finished, try a short press of both buttons which puts it into pairing mode.

Leave the repeater and remote out of it, until you’ve got it paired with deconz. You shouldn’t need the repeater, as you have the lights. I don’t know about the remote but someone on another thread said the remotes won’t pair directly with the devices and a gateway.

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I will test more tomorrow… also think i need to move my conbee closer to the blinds when i am trying to pair them.

moving closer is always worth a try, but I had no problem with my conbee up two floors, in a very solid victorian house, 'cos I have working Ikea lights (repeaters) in the same room as the blind.

How do you open and close blinds without remote?

I say ‘hey google, close kitchen blind’ . or ‘hey google, set kitchen blind to X%’. The remote will work, but may need the ‘brains’ to be ha rather than a direct connection to the blind. e.g. button press on the remote is transmitted to ha, ha sends the signal to the blind.

I don’t use the remote at all, so it may work fine … try it out.

Hi guys! after a few hours searching the web I managed to integrate my blind and remote in Deconz and got it to work in HA (remote through atuomation and deconz event). I still have one issue I’ve not been able to solve. For some reason I can close the blind and set specific positions but cannot Open the blind. The button is simply greyed out in HA. Anyone else having the same issue and hopefully a solution?

EDIT: Also it seems like HA is not updated with the current state/position of the blind as it shows position 100 although its 50 in reaility.
Thank you!

I’m running latest HA through docker.

I experienced the same issue as you. I Solved it by adding the report changeable variable in DeCONZ VNC.
See this github discussion:

What about battery level indication ? Anyone got that working ?

Hi, if you are using Deconz:
I’ve got the battery level indicator to appear on my home assistant by accessing the deCONZ application via VNC - found the Fyrtur cover - pressed the Power configuration cluster info and then I pressed read. You will see there is an attribute “Battery percentage remaining”. After I pressed read, there appeared a new entity with the battery sensor in home assistant.