Ikea OMLOPP/ANSLUTA; anyone have experience with this?

Hey @CarlE, just be wary, those Sonoff controllers don’t have CE or FCC marks. Consider that the lack of CE marking means a lack of CE/BSI safety approval, their would need to be evidence proving conformity to various EU directives. I can assume an insurance company leaping on this (i.e. - no CE accreditation) as a reason not to pay out in the event of something going wrong.

CE marking is complex, but in essence, it’s applied by the manufacturer to say their product complies with EU safety, health and environmental requirements.

Sonoff Th16 and TH10 has CE and ROHS .See WIKI

Do you have any sources on this? Would be stoked to get a Trådfri enabled transformer!

No can’t find it now. I believe I read it on a Swedish home automation forum, but I’ll post an update once/if I know more.

Folks are trying to duplicate the Ansluta signal using a Pi and java: https://github.com/mdeverdelhan/Ansluta-remote-replication
Just tested: it’s not working but maybe it’s worth diving into it.

I was in my local Ikea today buying some TRÅDFRI bulbs and a gateway. I already have some OMLOPP under cabinet lighting with an Ansluta transformer. The assistant who was helping me showed me the new tradfri enabled transformers that they have now, so I bought one intending to swap it out. Unfortunately when I went to swap it I discovered that it needs a different power cable to the ansluta transformer I already have. So I’ll need another trip to Ikea before I can try it out!

The assistant said the tradfri transformers just appeared one day. They hadn’t been told about them in advance, and they’re still not on their website. Just hoping they actually have the power cables for them when I go back!

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Which ikea was this? Need to get one as well. :slight_smile:

It was Coventry Ikea in the UK.

I’ll take a couple of photos later (although it basically looks like the Ansluta transformer).

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Great! Hoping they have released them here in Sweden as well. :slight_smile:

Awesome, doesn’t look like they have this on their USA website yet.

The weird thing is, they’re not on the Ikea UK website yet either.

IKEA often releases new products in selected stores to test these in the wild. You can’t buy the RGB Lights online in Germany, but they are available in the shops for months now…

Maybe they also want you to check their local stores regularly to sell more candles and Hot Dogs on your way out :wink:


Googling for “ikea” “603.426.56”, I find it Google’s cache including price in local currency (NOK). So they’ve been published at one time (Google’s cache is from Feb 2nd) and then retracted.

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They have RGB lights!

Got my power cable this evening. Added it in, and it works straight away. Gives full 0%-100% dimming control rather than just the off-dim-bright settings that were available with the remote. Very impressed so far.

Only slight downside is that the old remote doesn’t work with the new transformer.



Hope you can help! I got the TRÅDFRI transformers, swapped my old OMLOPP for controlling kitchen lights. Tried using Hue system to find and contol the transformers directly but no luck. I guess that was too optimistic. Suggestions? Should i use another control platform?

quick question - do I need an Arduino mega for this project? I’ve got all the parts here, but just an arduino uno - would that also work? Or even something smaller? Bascially just need the CC2500 to work.

The firmware for the RFLink Gateway is for the ATmega2560 (Mega), the Uno uses the ATmega328P. So no it will not work.

You could try the: yasiralijaved/ Arduino-CC2500-Library

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