Ikea Styrbar E2001/E2002 remote control

I have the Ikea Styrbar E2001/E2002 remote control.
I found several blueprints to make it work but none that allows pressing the left and right buttons to change the color spectrum (from blue to purple, …)

If someone has done it or if it’s not possible.

Thank you so much.

Haven’t done it in a blueprint but with Node red.
So yes it is possible. Not sure about the April release though, but I’m fairly sure it’s possible.

But are you referring to that the remote sends a on command first the left/right command?

You would need to write a template that gets the current color and based on that sets the new color. I don’t know the syntax for that off the top of my head, unfortunately.

About the use I don’t know.
When I bought it I had in mind that the children could change the color of the light bulb in their room.
Press up and down, it changes the intensity.
Press left or right, it changes the color. (Or else have a certain number of colors registered)

FYI, might need some fixes needed in existing Blueprints to make them work with latest ZHA changes