IKEA Tradfri broken since 0.78.1

Tradfri was working well in 0.77.3 but it’s been so long since problems started that I’ve lost track of a lot of the details. Symptoms for a while were that I had Tradfri entities that were working, but then at the same time I was being prompted by Configurator to set up the hub. If I plugged in the hub’s security code, I’d get an error. I’ve installed all Hass.io releases all the way up to 0.79.3 hoping that one would result in a fix, but no joy. Tonight I rolled back to 0.78.3 just for kicks… now the symptom is that I get prompted by Configurator to set the hub up as usual, but when I plug in the security code, I get nothing whatsoever. The dialog box doesn’t even clear.

There are no references to Tradfri in my configuration.yaml file other than an entry to exclude events from being recorded. I have discovery turned on. The hub does have a static IP, though I can’t recall how recently that static IP was set. The Home Assistant IKEA Trådfri page suggests deleting the hidden .tradfri_psk.conf file as a troubleshooting step – which I’ve done – but then I read somewhere that that file is not used any longer.

At a loss.

(edited for clarity)

have you pulled the cord to the hub and restarted it? Maybe that helps Homeassistant seeing it? fwiw, I have 2 HA setup, 075.3 and 078.2, and both see Tradfri without a problem. So have faith :wink:

I’m ashamed to admit that a stray character had made its way into my Security Key. :flushed: So as usual, it was a PEBKAC: “Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair.”