IKEA Trådfri Hub Integration- Most Stable Configuration


I’ve used the IKEA Integration in a couple of different ways:

  • Without any explicit configuration in the configuration.yaml
  • With discover: in configuration.yaml
  • With tradfri:
    host: IP_ADDRESS, and with dhcp allocation for the IKEA hub

Neither seems to fulfil my use cases:

  • adding/removing devices in the Ikea hub seamlessly propagates to Home Assistant
    (I added a few new lights a few days ago, and the won’t show up under devices or under the integration)
  • renaming devices in the hub propagates to the hub
    (moving some lights from e.g. x-mas star to a different place after x-mas) - would be awesome if at least friendly name was updated,

And FYI, the reason for using the IKEA Hub, is the wife factor. I want the Trådfri buttons to work very reliable, and if I’m fiddling with/updating HA, or restart it, I’m want to avoid “why isn’t the bla bla light working”. =)

I’m running: core-2021.1.5 and supervisor-2021.01.7, but have observed same issue since the December releases.

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Surely someone must have some guidance? =)