IKEA Trådfri on/off status while wall switch change state


Not sure where i should post this, but i’ve noticed that when i use the wall switch (i’m using the bulbs in a normal bulb installation with a regular on/off wall switch) the status does not update in home assistant. Is there i way i can get home assistant to “ping” the bulbs to get an update on the status? I was thinking of making an automation where i turned on the wall switch at night, the bulbs would only turn on in the bathroom at minimum brightness. But since HA does not update the state status of the lights when the power is cut to them and vise versa, i can’t seem to get this to work.


HA does not talk to the bulbs directly but rather get the status from the hub. For that the bulbs have to register to the hub first after you turn them on with the wall switch. As far as I know you can’t turn on the bulbs at it’s lowest setting as the bulbs go into default mode after being cut off from power.


Alrighty then. It does remember the last state it was in though.
When turned on it remember the color and brightness from last on state.


Might be not what you are looking for but:

I changed the wall switch. I added a 433mhz sender to the wall switch and wired the bulbs to be always ‘on’ mains.
Now my rfxcom sees that I turn on/off the wall switch and HA does whatever I want it to do with an automation.

This way for example it doesn’t matter if the wall switch is in the ‘on’ of ‘off’ position. If I ‘flip it’. And the lights are on they are turned of and if the are off they are turned on.
My lights turn on by automation when it gets dark, at that point the wall switch can still be in the off position but the lights are on.


Hi, would you mind to present this in more detail (which parts and what config did you use) as I’m interested in this setup?


This mounted in the wall switch.
Do not connect the wall switch to mains but connect the wires in the wall switch in a way that the bulb is allways powered on. The sender runs on batteries.

Rfxcom 433mhz receiver ( you could also use an RFLink or homemade 433mhz receiver)

Automation rules that react on the 433mhz switch state change.


How would your automation look like. I trying to have the same set up but can not get it working. My wall switch is connected to a Vera edge



    alias: Woonkamer muurschakelaar logic
      service: scene.turn_on
        entity_id: >
          {% if states.group.woonkamer_lights.state == "on" %}
          {% else %}
          {% endif %}


alias: Woonkamerschakelaar
  platform: state
  entity_id: light.woonkamer_muurschakelaar
  service: script.turn_on
  entity_id: script.woonkamer

sorry for the dutch but i guess you understand?
the lights are in a group called ‘woonkamer’ (dutch for livingroom ).