Illuminance reporting interval on the Aqara Motion Sensor P1

I like this sensor except that it seems the illuminance is only reported when there is motion, or at very large intervals if not.

I’ve tried changing the illuminance in Zigbee2mqtt by a couple of methods (below with error messages) but it has not worked. Does anyone know if it is possible to get this to report illuminance whenever there is, for example, a 100 lux change regardless of motion?

I have tried this with and without pressing the pairing button, and although the error message I get is different in each case, neither works.

Thank you

Hi, yes i have the same problem. I use the P1 illuminance on my swimming pool pump. When ever there are clouds the lux falls and my pump switches off and when sunny again it switches on, they work on solar so i dont want to drain batteries unnecessary. I also would like to adjust lux interval logging. i tested it a couple of times and its log interval is 10 minutes, thats too long. I would like it every 2 minutes at least.

The P1s are a PAIN to set attributes on. As I understand it, you have to push the pairing button right before you set the attribute (where the device blinks the blue light twice) and then save the attribute within something like 30 seconds or a minute.

I have a couple of these that I wanted to set the motion sensitivity lower and finally just gave up on it because it is so finicky about when it wants to take updates.