Imap sensor pulling text/plain version of email not text/html version

Hello all,
I’ve got several imap sensors running in my HA instance working well. I’ve just added one for the United States Postal Service. They have a feature on their site that sends you daily ‘Informed Delivery’ emails that contain pictures of physical mail pieces that are arriving at your mailbox soon.

It appears that they send both a ‘text/html’ version and a ‘text/plain’ version of the email.

When I use the HA imap sensor to retrieve that email, the ‘body’ attribute of the sensor is the ‘text/plain’ version. I’d rather get the ‘text/html’ data.

Does anyone know if this is possible?

I don’t know if this is helpful, but in Gmail, I’ve turned off the ‘display images’ feature by default for all emails to help prevent image trackers.

Thanks in advance,
Aneal K.

Have you checked out the Mail and Packages integration?

I have not checked out that integration yet. Thank you for the suggestion.