Implicit presence detection

Hi guys,
I already have a presence detection based on tracking of multiple devices in multiple ways (eg. nmap, bluetooth, gmap, etc) but this can work only for known devices.
Actually I didn’t have any PIR sensor (nor I have plan to buy them in the near future) but I want to implicitly detect presence in the house based on status changes of actual integration.

For example if the TV is turned on then someone is at home, if someone start using a google home mini then someone is at home, if a switch is manualy turned (eg. a Shelly) then someone is at home …

I wonder what’s the best way to achieve such result.

Any suggestions?

Look into the Bayesian Binary Sensor. It’s kind of complicated to wrap your head around at first but it can do exactly what you want.

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Thank you very much, I’m going to look into that right now

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WOW, it looks even better than what I was looking for. In my idea I was ready to get false positive if a cat jump on the remote and turn on the tv or something else. With the Bayesian sensor I can set a probability … it really cool.
You really made my day, thank you

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