Import Snapshots successful but failing to show changes


I have done a clean install of the latest hassio on to a VM. I am now trying to import partial snapshots from my previous setup. inparticular for esphome and appdaemon.

When importing them it states successful, however there are no files in the appdaemon folder and no list of devices within the ESPHome admin panel - jsut says create your first node like on a clean install.

Is there any reasonf or this? I have tried both with and without the additional Home Assistant config tick box option when choosing the snapshot restore for each of the above.

thanks in advance for any help

No idea about appdaemon but for esphome you need to import your config / esphome directory as well.

thanks tried both ways and also copying the physical file structure from my previous install still nothing showing though.


Weird. If I add a new yaml file to the config/esphome/ folder it shows up in the esphome addon, so I’m not sure why yours aren’t.

Try removing and re adding the esphome addon. Then drop the backed up esphome folder into the /config directory with only the .yaml files in it.