Impossible to boot/start HA if USB hub plugged


I installed on my RPI 3B+. The OS is installed on a SSD. (OS 5.11 and supervisor on beta channel -> I joined the beta channel to see if I had a bug with the stable version)
I have an USB hub with its own power supply (DLINK).

If only the SSD is plugged to the RPI, no problem, HA starts without any problem.
If the SSD is plugged to the RPI and the USB hub (with RFXcom and Conbee2), the OS doesn’t start.

If I plug the USB hub once the boot done, everything is working as expected (RFXcom works, conbee2 also …)

Is someone experienced similar issues?

Thanks for your help

In addition, if I restart only HA (without restarting the host), it works.