Improve user experience for the usage on mobile devices

Hi! I’ve been using home assistant on my smartphone since the moment I first set it up and I’m very happy with the way it’s progressing. Thanks to all those who spend their time to give us such a good experience!

Still there’s one thing that bothers me a bit, but maybe there’s an easy solution for that.
I have many tabs (inside lovelace dashboards) and dashboards set up for my installation and whenever I want to switch from one tab to another I have to either overstretch my thumb or use two hands to operate my phone. Same goes for the “burger” menu to change to a different dashboard or add-on through the menu on the left hand side of the screen. To activate that menu I have to reach to the upper third of my smartphone and swipe inwards. That’s a bit cumbersome to say the least and I find it does not really work consistently (that has to do with android, not with thome assistant anyway).

Maybe it’s just an option I haven’t discovered already. If so, please comment and let me know where my mistake is.

Having said that I would suggest giving the users an option to move tabs to the bottom of the screen and subsequently having the “burger” symbol on the bottom of the screen as well (left or right side), depending on the hand you’re used to operate your phone anyway.

If my explanation is unclear I’ll be happy to provide screenshots and a mock-up as needed.