Improving Hue responsiveness

Hi all,

I’ve written a short script that dims my bedroom light when I switch it on at the wall switch after 9pm. I’ve achieved this by asking HASS to set the light to a predefined brightness every 5 seconds when it is 9pm or later, so when the light is switched on at the wall it dims down when the command is sent.

It currently takes ~30 seconds for the light to dim after being switched on at the wall, so the script is working albeit more slowly than I expected. When I switch my lights from the dashboard they turn on or off more or less instantly. Does anyone know what is causing the delay here and how responsiveness can be improved? It seems the command is taking a long time to be sent. Thanks.

It may help for you to post your script.

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The Hue API accepts a ‘duration’ - a time it should take to reach the provided brightness. I don’t know how HASS integration works but if this is available for HASS as well it might be a better solution.

This may be caused by the inherent delay in the bulbs reconnecting to the bridge after regaining power. You may be better off picking up a hue dimmer switch rather than using a traditional switch.

I will post up the script when I’m back at my computer but bahnburner, you might be on the right track there. I’ll pick up a dimmer eventually but this seemed like a decent interim solution.

I just tried manually switching the lights off and on and then turning the lights off from the Hue app and it worked within about 5 seconds though. I wonder if it’s related to the wifi signal upstairs…