In Automation UI which UI "Trigger Type" for a plain old Event?

A trivial question (I think), but I’m not seeing the answer in my searches.

Using the Automation UI, when I select “Add Trigger”, which of the dropdown Trigger Types do I use to just trigger on a named Event?
In YAML it is:

    - platform: event
      event_type: <my_event_name>

But in the Automation UI which dropdown Trigger Type do I need to do this?

I’ve created an Automation (which is working fine) to fire some Events (named by me, not the HA system) for specific ZWave events that HA does’nt identify (Fibaro dimmer/switch scenes).
I can trigger on my Events fine in YAML as above, but I now need to try a simple case out in the Automation UI editor to see how it creates some YAML conditions that I’m getting wrong and struggling to debug. Thinking if I can recreate the automation’s basics in the UI, then maybe I can learn from that …
Plus useful to know how to trigger from plain named Events in the UI anyway.

Manual Event?

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Hi, and thanks - that’s the one!
Not sure why I missed that. Perhaps the title “Manual event” put me off. I had tried one some weeks back and for some reason only linked it with literally manual events rather than HA events, but at that point I had n’t created any of my own Events in HA.

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