Included entity not showing up on HomeKit

got a an issue with a newly added device.
i use homekit bridge to present selected devices/entities to homekit (via the configuration.yaml file).

all my devices are either native HA devices or via Zigbee2MQTT.
i added a new Zigbee2MQTT, and it works fine within the HA environment

i then added the entity to the configuration.yaml file (switch.0x70b3d52b600a7df6 is the new device).

  - name: HA Bridge
    port: 51828
        - light.hue_bulb_living_room
        - light.hue_lamp_living_room
        - light.ikea_led_driver_living_room
        - light.hue_bulb_bedroom
        - switch.hue_smart_plug_bedroom
        - switch.0x70b3d52b600a7df6
        - light.hue_bulb_hall
        - light.office_lights
        - light.hue_led_strip_office
        - light.kitchen_lights
        - light.hue_floodlight_garden
        - binary_sensor.aqara_door_sensor_hall_contact
        - binary_sensor.aqara_door_sensor_office_contact

i then fully rebooted HA, however the new entity doesn’t appear as a device in Homekit. tried rebooting HA several times, and have waited about 3 hours to see if it was a time delay, but still nothing.

any ideas?