Inconsistent Web UI display in HA 0.39.3

Recently upgraded to HA 0.39.3 and now different devices give very different display of HA Web page. So far it seems all the Android devices are displaying correctly. All the devices are using Firefox and these are some of the annoyance I’m having:

  1. ~~ Alarm motion sensor icon have changed to circles (O) on the laptop browser. ~~ The correct motion figure is show on Android.
  2. ~~ Cannot load the Services page on the laptop browser. ~~ Note: I have external javascript blocked on the laptop, which affects loading the graphs. But the Services page was never affected. Works fine on Android.
  3. For Apple devices, Firefox is stuck on the login page. It never loads after the password.

If I roll back to 0.35.3 everything works the same on all devices. This is a roll back to a previous snapshot so all dependencies, etc are fully restored. Where do I start to resolve this?

Now this is a bit embarrassing. I refresh of the page (using the ‘Reload current page’ button) on the laptop seem to fix the issue. I did clear the browser cache/history to no avail. I expected the page to refresh if there is no cache to load from. Still no go for Apple.