Incorrect sensors import

Hello everyone,
I’m trying to setup a Shelly 3EM in the Energy monitor on Home Assistant.
The problem is that the sensors I need (the ones circled in the picture) CONSUMO Power and PRODUZIONE Power.
They are not displayed in the dashboard configuration menu

Do you have any advice about it.
Thanks everyone in advance

The energy dashboard does not use power sensors. It uses energy sensors. The ones with kWh units, not W units in your screen shot.

so it would be enough to change the unit of measurement to import them?

What is the point of importing these sensors into the energy panel?
They are sensors that display the current energy consumption in real time, not W per hour.

No, you need create a energy sensor. You can use Riemann helper for it.

He doesn’t have to do that with Shelly, the energy sensors are already there.

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Yes, the sensors are already there but they are not the right ones for the real-time monitor.
Because the CONSUMO Energy sensor measures the amount of total current consumed since the start of the measurement, while what interests me is CONSUMO Power and measures the consumption values ​​in real time.
But apparently the power sensors are not imported into the dashboard. So is it possible to modify a power type sensor and transform it into an energy type?

You already have energy sensors for those monitored items. You donlt need to.

There is no “real time” POWER sensing/display in the ENERGY dashboard.

But the data is not the same as Shelly.
At least I can’t understand what it’s measuring.
It should at least align with Shelly’s measurement.

Your Shelly energy sensors are totals that keep increasing, forever.

The energy dashboard displays energy totals for a day, week, or month.

ok perfect … but I still have a doubt … on the image of the house comes the sum of the two values ​​of both consumption and production, wouldn’t it be more right that the real consumption of the house and not consumption + production were displayed?
Or have I misconfigured something?
Thanks for your time

If you want a card with current W or kW values, use this one

this is just what I was looking for, thank you very much.
Now there is another problem, I have downloaded Power Flow Card, but now how do I use it and set it up?
Sorry but new to the home assistant world

You add a power-flow-card in lovelace and you have examples at the bottom of the GitHub page.
Try adding your sensors and see how they display.

Hello I was able to configure the power-flow-card, the consumption is displayed correctly, while the production is not, maybe because it has a negative value? while if I try to set the same production sensor on the battery, the data is displayed. Do you have some advice?

After I wrote the message I was able to solve, I had to say that the sensor was reversed