Increase entity_picture capture frequency for matching ambient lights

Hey, I have linked my adb android tv to my ambient lighting by using the entity_picture address, but it only updates every 30 seconds or so which isn’t suitable for having the lights match content.

Is there a way to increase the frequency of the entity_picture capture? Is there another attribute I should be using to have really quick image turnover?

So far, I’m only using the visual editor of Home Assistant OS - My knowledge of yaml or python is pretty novice

Indeed, adb, not specifically HA, is not suitable for that use-case: much too slow.

I found someone who writes a blog and hacked their Roku TV to get fast picture capture, but I haven’t seen anyone do it with android yet. Shame

The most “compatible” way to do TV->Ambient, imo, is to use a cheapo video capture dongle + HDMI splitter + , e.g., hyperion


  • You can have ambient on Netflix (adb capture does not allow to capture “protected” streams)
  • You can actually have ambient on anything that connects through HDMI


  • You have to find a HDMI splitter which strips HDCP out
  • You have to have, e.g. a RPI, near your TV
  • Only works with external devices, i.e. not on TV with built-in ATV, FTV or whatever.

That sounds like a perfect solution, except all my apps are on my android tv, so there’s no chance to intercept the hdmi signal unfortunately

Oh, you mean your TV itself runs Android TV (the OS)?
Yeah, won’t work then, ofc. I should add a “Con” that it requires an external device…

You’re basically screwed, I’m afraid.

I thought as much :') Thanks for offering solutions though