Increase Font Size of Top Header, & Be Able to Copy and Entire Tab instead of just invidual cards

a year ago i was asking about being able to change the Top lines Color and also be able to change the font size… not sure if there is one… as i have big fingers and pressing the different tabs on top has its issues… also for my mother she cant press the small tabs… id like to be able to Increase it by a setting so whatever the font size is like 11 say and increase it to whatever i need… and if i have enough taps it would do a word wrap if it goes to a 2nd line

2… id like to see a feature in the tabs to “duplicate tab” so say you have a main or one for Temperatures and you got say 50 different cards… instead of clicking each one clicking Duplicate then move
it be nice to see

  1. Be able to Duplicate and Move at the same time so a Copy to that pain you want it to go to.
    2… and 2nd be able to click say Main or Temperatures or whatever your top Tab is… and click a Copy and it pastes it to a different Dashboard… instead of me trying to copy each card and paste… as i make a couple different ones for couple tablet options… but i wanna copy entire tab instead of pain stackenly copy each one …

just ideas