Indoor Air Quality Sensor Component

This component allows you to evaluate the air quality in any room, using data from various sensors installed there. Such as temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide sensors, etc.

The index is calculating in accordance with the IAQ UK organization methodology.


Nice component!

Do you plan to add pm2.5 and pm10 index?

Yes, I plan to add all possible indexes. But I have no information in what units they are usually measured in sensors.

Can you help me with this?

Wow It’s Awesome.

Did you made it UK standards ?

if this component includes pm10 and pm2.5, it is more valuable components.

thx for your great code sharing.

The index is calculating in accordance with the IAQ UK organization methodology.

Now calculation is only available for some sources: temperature, humidity, CO2 and tVOC. In the future, I plan to add all the other possible sources from the methodology.

I’ve made an experimental version with IAQ index calculations for PM0.3-PM10.0. Please, test how it work:

Interesting - what sort of physical sensors are out there to collect some of this data I wonder

For temperature, humidity, eCO2 & tVOC I have home-made sensor: ESP32 + CJMCU-8128

@Limych Would you mind sharing the schematics and code for the ESP32 + CJMCU-8128 sensor? Are you using ESPhome for the integration?

Hello :blush:

Schematic is simplest. There are only 4 wires:

Current version of code:

Note: I have more than one sensor block connected to this ESP32. So the code is a bit redundant.


Just a heads up, In your install instructions for HACs you miss out adding your repository into HACs itself.
Need to add a line saying to copy and paste the GIT url into the settings page on HACs as an integration.

(I’m a newbie with custom components so had to work this out)

Oh, sorry. I was hoping that ludeus would quickly add this component to the repository, but I didn’t take into account that the format of the repository has changed since the last my component was added. And the addition is stuck …

In the near future we’ll fix everything and this remark will not be needed :slight_smile:

No problem! :slight_smile: I hope I can build a couple of sensors to give it a try in the coming weeks.
I imagine the minimum requirement to get it working is Temp & Humidity?

Edit- Ignore me, I saw your post above listed the- CJMCU-8128. I got confused because the image shows the BME280. I’ve just ordered the required sensor.