Indoor cam filming outside

Hello Community, and first of all: Happy Holidays to Everyone out there!

I guess this question has been asked a million times, but I cannot find THE ONE answer, so apologies for asking again.

I am looking for a stationary camera that I can place inside (on a wall, a piece of furniture, whatever), and which will film outside. I have a glass entrance door, and for some reason no camera doorbell, so I am looking for a way to see who rang the bell. I am of course running home assistant, I do not really want to pay a monthly fee, and even more important: I do not really want my data somewhere in the Cloud or even worse (sorry Chinese people) in China.

I know the eufys are a pain to integrate. I can only get the Wyze V3 here in Austria. and I am basically at a loss (and yes, I am in Austria). Any pointers appreciated. Any deserved flames also appreciated.

Have a great last couple days in 2023 :slight_smile:

I don’t know if you can get them where you are but I use Foscam brand cameras and they work well.

They are wifi IP cameras (obviously need power tho) so you can mount them anywhere as long as you have wifi. They are local but I always block access for them to “phone home” in my router just in case and they continue to work just fine. But I’ve never known to have a problem with that as far as I know.

What about Netatmo indoor camera?

If possible, could you help share 1~2 photos around your doorway? I believe the choice of camera hardware could/would be limited based on different install scenarios physically…?

For example, would an ESP32-CAM work for you, peeking out of a peek hole? This obviously would require a peek hole on the door, with some power cable management, looking at some good direction for someone pushing the doorbell… And thus not for everyone.

Otherwise, based on the descriptions above alone, I cannot see why Wyze V3 (or any indoor camera, really) would not work…

You said you are at loss because… you don’t know what to do next? you don’t know how to handle local recording on Wyze? or you want to see what other camera would work (define what “work” means to you exactly?)? or something else?

More information would be helpful.