InfluxDB addon causing to crash

Hi All.

I have had running perfectly for 2 months. Last week Tuesday I added the InfluxDB and Grafana addons and configured them exactly as explained. started misbehaving a day later. All connection to the various interfaces would be lost (Samba, SSH, Web pages, ping etc), but the Raspberry Pilights were flashing as normal. The only way to restore the connectivity was to cycle the power to the Pi.

Troubleshooting process

  1. Modified network connections files to fail-over to 2nd known IP address on Ethernet connection as the forums indicated could be a dodgy WiFi connection. But comms to the Ethernet address also died.
  2. Replaced SD card, re-flashed with latest Hassio, re-installed all addon’s, and copied .yaml files back. Forums indicated SD card could be an issue. But problem persisted.
  3. stumbled across a post where someone mention a similar issue after installing Grafana addon, so I disabled the Grafana addon. Did not help. So I uninstalled Grafana. Did not help.
  4. In desperation I retraced my steps further, and dsiabled InfluxDB. Did not help. So I then uninstalled InfluxDB, and the issue was solved. Hassio has be up and running for 3 days without a problem.
  5. This morning I reinstalled InfuxDB addon but did not start it, and 20 minutes later Hassio died again.

I have tried to look through the logs to try find a cause, but am quite the noob with Home Assistant (migrated from openHAB 5 weeks ago) so am not yet sure where to find all the bits of info that could help with the trouble shooting.

My config:
Raspberry Pi 3B, with Hassio
Primarily a wifi connection
SSH Server

Could someone please guide me where to look for the issue please? When I get the Pi restarted, it seems like all the logs are flushed, so either I need to offload all the logs to separate machine or file system on a usb memory stick, but I have no idea as to go about doing this. (Usb Stick being the preferred option)

Thanks in advance.