Influxdb addons and a lot of sensors

Hi, I’m going to connect a lot of temperature sensors to my HASSIO(Rpi4 + 32Gb sd card) in the nearest future. Now I’m using influxdb + grafana as addons to hass. But I’m worrying that 20 additional sensors and additional traffic can lead to an issue. So as an option I think to install mqtt broker/influxdb/grafana in a separate server and setup hass to work with the new mqtt borker. Is it a suitable configuration? Can the additional sensor lead to a problem, should I switch to an additional server instead of Rpi4? Thanks for your thought!


If you’re running your db on an sd card, yes having more db writes (by having more devices) can potentially cause issues. That said, I don’t think influxdb is very sensitive to frequent writes; it’s more so the recorder component and the sqllite db (or mariadb if you use that) that will kill performance with lots of db writes.

Offload mqtt to another server? Sure, there’s even instruction on how to configure that in the docs if you want. However that’s not going to do much to affect reliability/stability if you don’t get the db’s off of ha.

At the end of the day, when pi4 gets support for usb boot, a good solution would be to simply upgrade from sdcard to ssd. Until then, I would personally put the db’s on another server to prevent sdcard failures… I’d do this regardless if I was planning to add more nodes or not.

Thanks, it makes sense, I guess that usb ssd can be connected now and just move influxdb there and use sd card as a primary boot partition. What do you think is a possible solution?

You could do that, just use the ssd for the influxdb. However leaving your boot partition on sd still leaves your sd card vulnerable to early failures since it’s not just the db that gets written to. If you’re going to add a usb ssd, I would put it all on the ssd and get rid of the sd card all together.