InfluxDB Sensor: Add Attribute of Time from Selected DB Entry

Example: I have a simple query that returns the maximum temperature my weather station has ever seen:

  - platform: influxdb
      - name: "Record Max Temp"
        unit_of_measurement: "°F"
        measurement: "temp"
        group_function: max
        where: >-
          "entity_id"='outside_temperature' AND time < now() GROUP BY "entity_id"
        field: value
        database: homeassistant
        unique_id: sensor.influx.record_max_temp

This works great. However, I would like to know WHEN this record max temperature was recorded.

The time is already returned as part of the influxdb query. I was thinking a clean solution was simply to add this time as an attribute of the sensor value.

I believe, as a time series database, that every query with data includes a time value for the data.