Information on signal quality in zigbee2mqtt

Hi… I need to understand some things… first of all I thank everyone for any answers.

  • Is the number of lqi affected if a device is connected to a repeater?
  • Is there a method to understand if a device is actually connected to a router device?

the visualization map of z2m will show you the lqi of each device it’s connected to.

so a device doesn’t necessarily have 1 lqi score, it has a score for each link.

so in this example

you can see that there are two devices here that are both connected to the controller and to each other and both are routers. and you can see the lqi score for each route and in each direction of the route.

does that answer what you’re looking for?

Hi…what I wanted to understand is whether the number of main lqi that is displayed for each device increases based on the various interconnections between the devices.

He means this.