Inkbird ITH-20R and input/output funnies?

Hi All,

After trying some Inkbird BT Temp sensors (IBS-TH2) in the fridge and two freezers and having intermittent connection issues, I went to 433Mhz versions with 3 x ITH-20R.

These have been working pretty well but even with lithium batteries they only lasted a few months in the freezers and a bit longer in the fridge but last night I fitted the external sensor inside the small freezer so I could leave the unit outside (warmer / better signal and battery life etc).

However, after fitting new lithium AAAs in all three today and looking at them again with MQTT explorer, I only see the battery level on one of the three and only see the external sensor on one of the two that are fitted with them?

TBF I’m not sure if they ever did show the battery status on all 3 or if the external sensors worked on all (as I was using the internal etc) but I wondered if there was any reset function I should do in the sensors or is there anything that could mask what MQTT Explorer can see please?

In case it makes it all clearer, MQTT Explorer (+ comments) info posted below.


▼26035 (‘Big freezer’ unit and external probe just in kitchen atm, only int temp working)
time = 2024-04-20T12:21:53.169019+0100
id = 26035
battery = 0
sensor_num = 2
mic = CRC
temperature_C = 18.0
temperature2_C = -24.3
humidity = 63.1
battery_ok = 1.0
temperature_2_C = 18.0

▼52145 (Unit outside mini freezer, external sensor in freezer, only int temp working)
time = 2024-04-20T12:15:11.056248+0100
id = 52145
battery = 0
sensor_num = 2
mic = CRC
temperature_C = 16.6
temperature2_C = -15.3
humidity = 66.5
battery_ok = 1.0
temperature_2_C = -14.7

▼42283 (Unit in fridge, just internal temp sensor, all working ok).
time = 2024-04-20T12:19:54.982073+0100
id = 42283
battery = 90
sensor_num = 1
mic = CRC
temperature_C = 7.5
temperature2_C = 130.0
humidity = 66.5
battery_ok = 1.0
temperature_2_C = 130.0