Innr bulbs ignoring brightness when turning on. Anyone else?

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Hope I’m doing this ok as this is my first post. Recently I moved all bulbs from the hue bridge to Deconz. All Hue and lately some Innr bulbs added. After reading some more I moved everything over to ZHA. I’m using a ConBee2 usb stick on latest HA version 118.5 using a RPi4B 4GB. One thing I missed with the bulbs was the dimming before turning of when used together with motion sensors like Hue natively does.

I came across the an automation to make the same functionality. On the hue bulbs this works perfectly but to my surprise it doesn’t work that well for the Innr bulbs. I made a simple automation to mimick the functionality as below using an aqara door sensor and an innr white ambiance bulb. When triggered it turns the bulb on at 70% and when closed it goes to 30%. Waits for 5 seconds then turns the bulb off.

Now comes the problem. Most of the time when triggered, the bulb will not go to 70% but go on at 30% as it was when turned off. Anybody experiencing this same problem also or can test? I tested with 3 Innr bulbs so far and all the same problem. Anybody know a solution? Is it global, ZHA specific?

Doesn’t anybody have experience with innr bulbs?