Innr wifi smart bulb integration

A integration for innr wifi smart bulb (without zigbee) would be nice

Do you mean matter?

I’m pretty sure all the Innr stuff uses matter to communicate.

I don’t think they use matter. I tried and i can’t find them with matter.

Hmm, I could be wrong, but I thought all the new ones were.
Did they have a barcode on them in the box for pairing?

Yes they have barcode in the box. This barcodes works fine within in official innr IOS app. But with matter pairing via ios homeassist companion it doesn’t work.

I’m weak on how matter works and only know stuff I read. Read up on how matter pairs. It is possible that if you used the barcode to pair in the ios app, it is matter and it is matter paired to the apple world and cannot be paired using the barcode to anything else. It would have to be transferred elsewhere or just talked to thru the existing pairing.

Yeah, i tried scanning barcode, holding iphone near bulb and also factory reset. Doesn’t work. I also tried to add them to google home with matter. Also doesn’t work. I really think the only wifi bulbs from innr don’t use matter.
We probably need a integration for home assistant which connects to the innr app / api. Like we have with TP Smart Link / TAPO integration.