Inovelli LZW42 - Modified manufacturer_specific.xml

I just got 2 of these RGB bulbs and paired them to HA. I see them and can modify the color, brightness, and turn them on/off, but there is nothing showing in the Configuration section of the zwave entity. Under the Node Information page I see this:

manufacturer name   Inovelli
product name        Unknown: type=0005, id=0001

I edited my manufacturer_specific.xml because type of 5 wasn’t listed, so I added a few lines, and it now looks like this:

    <Manufacturer id="031E" name="Inovelli">
        <Product type="0002" id="0001" name="LZW30-SN Switch Red Series" config="inovelli/lzw30-sn.xml"/>
        <Product type="0004" id="0001" name="LZW30 Switch" config="inovelli/lzw30.xml"/>
        <Product type="0001" id="0001" name="LZW31-SN Dimmer Red Series" config="inovelli/lzw31-sn.xml"/>
        <Product type="0003" id="0001" name="LZW31 Dimmer" config="inovelli/lzw31.xml"/>
        <Product type="0005" id="0001" name="LZW42 Multi-Color Bulb" config="inovelli/lzw42.xml"/>
        <Product type="0006" id="0001" name="LZW41 Multi-White Bulb" config="inovelli/lzw41.xml"/>
        <Product type="0007" id="0001" name="LZW40 Dimmable  Bulb" config="inovelli/lzw40.xml"/>

I also added a lzw42.xml file to the inovelli folder that I found on this forum, which looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Product xmlns="">
  <!-- Configuration Parameters -->
  <CommandClass id="112">
    <Value genre="config" type="list" size="1" index="2" label="Default State" min="0" max="2" value="0">
      When Power is restored
      Range: 0-2
      Default: 0
      <Item value="0" label="Previous"/>
      <Item value="1" label="On"/>
      <Item value="2" label="Off"/>
    <Value genre="config" type="short" size="2" index="81" label="Color Adjustment (Warm White)" min="1387" max="4999" value="2700">
      Changes the Kelvin from 2700k (1387) to 4999k (4999)
      Range: 1387-4999
      Default: 2700
    <Value genre="config" type="short" size="2" index="82" label="Color Adjustment (Cool White)" min="5000" max="6500" value="6500">
      Changes the Kelvin from 5000k (5000) to 6500k (6500)
      Range: 5000-6500
      Default: 6500

  <!-- Association Groups -->
  <CommandClass id="133">
    <Associations num_groups="1">
      <Group index="1" label="Lifeline" max_associations="1" />

Do I need to do something else to have these config options show up in HA now? Is it not showing because I added the bulbs before updating the XMLs? Do I need to manually update my zwcfg file to reflect the names that I want? Thanks!

I just installed one of these bulbs - did you ever find a solution?

Petro31’s guide worked well for me.

I removed the bulbs and readded them, but I’ve read you can use “refresh node” too.