Inovelli's LZW45 LED strip

Just purchased these have zwave JS and I gather doesn’t work from what I am reading? WOn’t pair to system. How to get integrated for nonprogrammer. ?is there plans to incorporate in near future

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It seems like it is supported

Here is a screenshot of the device

Curious if anyone else has thoughts on this. I’m running the zwave js integration and this device is consistently added as unknown manufacturer and product. I’ve watched the logs during inclusion and it does get the correct manufacturer. I’ve done excluded and included succesfully a few times with no luck. Also did a full ZWave factory reset on the device itself a few times.

Do the IDs match the ones in the zwave-js device database?

Hah, yes, I see 798 in logs and 0x031e in decimal is 798 :slight_smile:

That’s the manufacturer, but what about the product type and product ID? All three need to match.

Oops - I had been trying incorrectly to pair read initial instructions and tried holding “A” button for 5 sec to no avail. Rereading shee t realized 3 quick taps put in inclusion mode and works fine 3 items power and 2 power consumption (W and kwh) show up.

I suspect something is generally wrong with my home assistant setup but will post back here if that is not the case.

I have 4 of them and no issue.

i have two of them paired with no security and have had no issues. i have a handfull of the inovelli bulbs that gave me the same issues you are seeing but i eventually got them to work and have no issues now.
My zwave stick was a mess with some old nodes from a previous HA use i haven’t had any issues since i went through and cleaned those up. It might have even been the fix to the my bulb issues.

I just can’t seem to make the Pixel Effects work still so that is a bummer.

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Ever get pixel effects to work?