Input_datetime and custom button-card - raise date picker

I’d love to combine an input_datetime with a button-card.

That is the button card should show the day of month as state (which is the easy part) and by clicking on the button, the date picker should raise up (that is the problem).

I see no way to use the tap-action as there are neither services nor any other direct services (more-info, toggle,…) useable.
There a tons of fancy examples for how to use the really nice button card, but I couldn’t find any in combination with input_datetime…

Do you see any solutions or workaround for that issue?

Thanks for help,


Browser Mod can replace more-info pop-ups

Or use the pop-up command here

Hi Tom,

thank you so much for the quick reply!

Yes, browser_mod is a good hint. If I see right, the pop-up has to be configured as a card necessarily beforehand.
So I’ve got to click first the button to raise the popup and then the input_datetime. to raise the date picker… no one-click solution.

Ok, I see you problem. You need a date version of this: unfortunately I do not know of one.