Input datetime UI date format match region

Please forgive me if this is already possible and I missed it … I’ve recently started using input datetime helpers to schedule certain events. However, a minor irritation is that when I pull up the “Info” tab for one of these entities, the date picker shows the date in US format (m/d/Y). Is it possible to have this follow the region settings, please?

I only just noticed mine was the same. If you click on your profile, you will probably see the time format is “Auto (use language setting)”. My language is set to English, which appears to be US English. You can change it to “English (GB)” to get a “normal” date format. Alternatively, you can specify a date format.

The profile is (I think) stored locally, so if you use another device or clear cache, it will need to be set again. Under “Settings > System > General” you can change the default language so you don’t need to keep changing it, but that’s for everybody using the system.

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Changing the system-wide language didn’t fix it but changing my profile language did. I’m always a bit reluctant as an Australian to switch US English to GB/UK English as on many systems I’ve used this leads to unwanted side effects like currency defaulting to pounds. It’s odd that the profile options let me override the number and time format but not the date format.