Input not available anymore

Hello everyone,

Since this morning most of my inputs are not available anymore.
If I go into Settings checking inputs and try to create a new one, I can see that part of them are even not available for creation :

I don’t see anything in logs.
Anyone has an idea of what can cause the issue ?

My last change made 2 days ago is the creation of a new input number that has an increment of 0.010.
I noticed that my increment has some “rounding” bug and my number often become like 1.0199999…
I rounded it into a template, but I’m wondering if this could be the cause of the crash of the HA integration which manage those inputs…
It is part of an automation to be incremented from trigger Zigbee button.
Feature in the end is to measure gas consumption.

Did you delete anything from your configuration.yaml file, like default_config:?

Are there any errors in your system logs?

Thanks for your answer.
I switched from default_config: to energy: but I didn’t see any error in system logs.
I finally restored to a version before the bug. I let default_config: and don’t have any issue for the last 24h :crossed_fingers:

That’s the reason. You need to add a lot more integrations than just energy (all the ones missing in your screenshot).

The full list of integrations that are added by default_config are listed here:

If you choose to manage integrations yourself by deleting default config you have to add all the ones from that list that you want.

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