Input Select State for my Fan Speed (Need Help)

Thanks for the help;

Essentially what i am trying to do is be able to change the fan speed of my aircon; i have setup 3 separate automations that are triggered by the input select;

I am trying to have my input select change to whichever state my aircon entities fan mode is on

Such as if someone sets the fan speed using the izones controller, i would like the fan speed on my input select to change;

iZone Controller States

I have tried setting up an automation to change the input select but cant seem to get it to work.


Input Select in Configuration

Automation for the fan speed which does work;

I have dabbled with an automation to change the input select but cant get that working!

Thanks again, let me know what im doing wrong! :slight_smile:

Please don’t post screenshots of your config. Paste correctly formatted code instead. It makes it a lot easier for us to help you as we can cut and paste examples using your config.

Anyway, one way is to break out the climate integration’s fan_mode attribute using a template sensor. Trigger an automation on change of this sensor and set the input select to the value of the sensor using a template.

Apologies, thanks for the tip, makes sense.

I have created a sensor, can you provide some more info on how i can set this up?
Would i need to create 3 seperate automations for the input select?

Im fairly new to this!

Thanks :slight_smile:

No you should only need one automation. As your input select options match the sensor states it will be quite easy to template - if you provide the sensor name.