Install and upgrade confusion

I appear to have managed, during an upgrade I think, end up with two versions of Home Assistant (only 1 running) on my Pi 4B.

I also use my Pi as a print server / VPN server / single channel 5Ghz access point for Firestick and plan to tap into my home motion and door sensors via GPIO ports hence I was keen on a core install.

I have ended with a /var/opt/homeassistant that I’ve put a lot of time into configuring but struggling to upgrade from it’s running 0.115.6

/etc/init.d Service Script for Home Assistant

Created with: Sample /etc/init.d script · GitHub


Typically /usr/bin/hass








FLAGS=“-v --config $CONFIG_DIR --pid-file $PID_FILE --log-file $LOG_FILE --daemon”

Annnnnd I appear to have $HOME/.homeassistant that does appear current and I think is a result of using ‘pip install’ (I have no idea about pip / python - dangerous I know) and runs a virgin instance if I stop my running hass and fire up hass from the command line.

What is the best way to run Home Assistant on a Pi that I need to solve other home network problems? I don’t want to try and fix the above if there is a better way.

Many thanks in advance.

IMHO Home Assistant Container with docker-compose or Portainer on Rasperry Pi OS.

Thanks for the reply
Exposing USB and GPIO from Pi OS to the docker environment is OK

Is that a statement or a question?

haha missed the ?
Yes a question

Sure about USB (use --device parameter for Docker cli), confident about GPIO, either directly or remote.

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cheers - just need to read up about Docker as I assume its like a VM