Install HAI integration

I am totally new to HA. I have it running under Virtualbox and I would like to add the HAI integration but the install instructions say click on and then the Add-on store in order to add a new repository. My first problem is …where is the menu?

What is HAI integration? is a term of the past and has been deprecated for more than a year now.
The add-on store can be found under “supervisor”.
Note that you only have the add-on store if you either installed Home Assistant OS or Home Assistant Supervised.

Sorry, HAI is Leviton Omnipro or Omnilink. I would like to integrate it with HA. I found this:

Ok, The menu is now called supervisor and should be on the right hand sidebar.

Thanks! I was able to add the repository and then when I hit Install on the OmniLink Bridge it spins the progress icon but does not return.

Maybe it doesn’t work anymore, the last chamge was some 9 months ago. Best to open an issue in the Github repo.

Yes. I think it may have installed but I am getting errors which may be my configuration or, as you say, maybe it doesn’t work anymore. I’ll see if opening an issue on github will help.

Actually, I think it has connected to the Omnilink and the add-in log shows the devices and their status. Next NOOB question, how does this show up in HA (other than in this log). In other words how do I see this as “integrated”.

As this works over MQTT autodiscovery, you should see the devices/entities under Configuration → Integrations → MQTT or also under Developer Tools → States

Obviously I have gone wrong somewhere as I don’t see the HAI devices in either place. The MQTT Broker shows up but not the OLB. However, under Supervisor-Installed Add-ons, the OLB is there.
When I start OLB, I am seeing the following msgs in Supervisor->System:

21-07-20 09:41:26 WARNING (MainThread) [] dd784727_omnilink-bridge missing API permission for /host/info
21-07-20 09:41:26 ERROR (MainThread) [] Invalid token for access /host/info

Just to be clear. I am seeing devices and status changes in the OLB log, but not where @Burningstone mentioned above. I would like to be able to see and be able to change device status (e.g., thermostat settings) from the Dashboard.

Try to get in contact with the developer of this add-on.
The only thing I can interpret from the docs is that is should automatically create devices/entities in Home Assistant through MQTT autodiscovery. I can’t find any info to troubleshoot or debug.

@Burningstone Thanks, I will try that.
FWIW, OLB does not show up under Configuration->Integrations, although the MQTT Broker does.
My OLB config file looks like:

controller_port: [port]
controller_key1: [key1]
controller_key2: [key2]
controller_name: OmniLinkBridge
time_sync: false
time_interval: 60
time_drift: 10
verbose_unhandled: true
verbose_event: true
verbose_area: true
verbose_zone: true
verbose_thermostat_timer: true
verbose_thermostat: true
verbose_unit: true
verbose_message: true
webapi_enabled: false
webapi_port: 8000
mqtt_enabled: false
mqtt_server: ''
mqtt_port: 1883
mqtt_username: ''
mqtt_password: ''
mqtt_prefix: omnilink
mqtt_discovery_prefix: homeassistant
mqtt_discovery_name_prefix: ''
mqtt_discovery_ignore_zones: ''
mqtt_discovery_ignore_units: ''
mqtt_discovery_override_zone: ''
notify_area: false
notify_message: false
mail_server: ''
mail_tls: false
mail_port: 25
mail_username: ''
mail_password: ''
mail_from: ''
mail_to: ''
prowl_key: ''
pushover_token: ''
pushover_user: ''

It won’t show up as a separate integration, instead if the autodiscovery worked correctly, the devices/entities will show up under the MQTT integration.

@Burningstone Nothing shows up under the MQTT Broker.

I got it working! It required several changes to the OLB config and adding username/password for mqtt. I can see the 200+ devices on the Omnilink. Now I have to learn how HA handles and displays this info.

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Is there a way for me to see the real-time status (i.e. actively cooling or heating) of a thermostat? This is something that Haiku was able to show. I can see the cool setting and the current temp but not the status.