Install HASS.IO via VHDX / VMDK using Configurator Add-on

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Hello all

New to but like what I see. Step learning curve with me not coming from a programming background. I have installed the via Virtualbox using the VHDX file on the website. HA comes up fine and works as per normal.

I have been looking at HACS and in the install guide I need to copy the HACS folder into a folder. Now this has stopped me in my tracks. Can anyone help with the below

  1. As this is a VHDX install, can I still access the Linux command line?
  2. SAMBA fails to work? (interface error, what is the file path)
  3. Can you upload the HACS file + the file content via the Configurator Add-on. I can see you can do a single file but not a folder
  4. can be installed on Ubuntu or in a docker container

Sorry for all the questions and hopefully these are simple questions


You need to have a look at the add-ons, you can install stuff like samba and ssh …

  1. uses Docker, so it depends on which Linux command line you’re referring to
  2. What’s the actual error from the add-on? Or have you not yet installed the Samba add-on?
  1. uses Docker, you can’t install it in Docker. You can install it on Ubuntu however.

Hello all

i have done some digging around and managed to get it sorted, hopefully.

For SAMBA, on the interface i state eth0 but the logs state it cant find eth0 so i am not sure what to out in.To get round this i have installed SSH and Web terminal, with winSCP to access the files.

In regards to on ubuntu, have you got any instructions that you know off. My linux command knowlwdge isnt the best

You mean other than the ones I linked to?