Install Hassbian 1.5.0 script error/failed


Hi all,

recently do a clean install using the latest Hassbian img, however after 5 times I’m ending up with script failed on Home Assistant side. Unsure if this a bugs or something. So finally I used the old Hassbian img and its up and running in no time. So instead of installing again want to ask if someone have 1.5.0 update-motd.d. Just want to update it as it should be…



Some users experience a timeout issue on first boot with the newest image.

Run nning this should get that one working:

sudo hassbian-config install homeassistant --force

A fix for this has been created, when 0.12.0 of hassbian-config are released there will be a new image that take care of this.


Great news… thank you bro… btw do you have update-motd.d files? could you share?


Only the default files you get if you install hassbian-config 0.11+