Install Pilight on the same raspberry?

I wasn’t able to find any informations on this. Until now I used pilight to control my 433 mHz devices. Is it possible to intall pilight on the same raspberry where is installed?

It should be. as long as you can add your own packages and build from source you shouldn’t have an issue.

I am also facing this issue. since hassio reports errors with my pilight config i assume it is not installed automatically. How can i install it on the hassio system without apt-get?

You’ll need to download the source and build it

Okay, so at least my conclusion was right. The documentation should really point that out more clearly or at least set the host IP of the default config to something else than

Does hassio bring all required packages to build pilight from the github repo?

here’s the reqs/dependencies


not really sure if comes prepared or not though.

today i tried installing pilight from source, but was missing cmake.
so i went on with installing cmake from source, but trying that it turned out that i was also missing a C compiler.
at this point i kind of lost interest in compiling everything from source.

wouldn’t it be much easier to just install home-assistant on the pre-existing linux image and get to keep things like apt-get? what does the image bring in return of losing all those tools?

that’s what I’ve done.

Well, than I will try that out. Thanks for your help!

i also would like to run Pilight on the same pi (a pi zero w) where runs, and want to use the same method like ulieckstein and forsquirel.
what do i have to do for that exactly? i’m still a beginner regarding the pi.
so what exactly is the pre-existing linux image? right now i’m installing raspbian with noobs… can i then follow this guide:


pre-existing as in armbian, jessie/stretch or whatever your distro of choice is. from there just install HA and any other packages you want.

It’s me again. Does anyone got Pilight working on the same Pi with Hassio?
I’d like to stay with Hassio and don’t want to install HA on a linux image…