Install Tesla master branch from GIT repo


I have the Hassbian dist on my raspberry pi and I have added “tesla:” to my configurations.yaml file.
Now I notice there is a new version in the master branch on Git which I want to install.

First of all, I have no Idea which version is installed when I add “tesla:” to the yaml file. Can someone help me here?

Second, I have no clue how to add this new code from GIT to my Hassbian image.

Please be as detailed as you have patience and time…

Update to version 101 or later.

It was incorporated into the 101 release.

Great, im on 0.102.2… Thank you silvrr!!!

So the question is, how do I activate “add update switch to tesla”, I cant seem to find any map or area in HA to tweak this. And there´s no documentation about it.

Still would be interesting to know how to install newer version from GIT if anyone have links or care to explain.

Might be that i found it in the Entities page:
Tesla update switch switch.tesla_update_switch tesla

And I would guess that if its enabled the switch is enabled.

Tesla docs are in the integrations

You can create a custom component to use an alternate/updated integration. Youll have to review the developer docs for creating a component.