Install to non-Raspberry with all-in-one?

I am wanting to do a clean install of HASS and the rest of the components that the AIO installs on raspberry, can anyone give me a list of debian packages I need to install to be comparable? I have just done a fresh debian jessie install on a vm, and would like to replicate what I have running on my RPi3. Any advice appreciated. Thanks

Just guessing here, but I would think that it should work just fine. If you are running z-wave, then making sure your controller is seen by the VM is probably the biggest challenge.

Confirmed, only quirk I ran into, was I had to create a pi user and ran the install under that. I don’t have a usb z-wave yet, but that will be next on my list to test once I get a controller and a zwave device installed on the pi to figure out how to get it working. Thanks