Installation failed, what now?

Hello! I’m new.

I have a pi3 and a 32GB SD card. I followed this guide (using RPI Imager) to get the right image on the card. Booted up, visited the home page at :8123 and waited for it to set up. The pi rebooted after a while, and then I got this:

I have uploaded the complete log here, but I can’t see anything obvious. Any suggestions?

Uh, some time has passed and now…

Did this work, or not?

It seems to work , right :wink: it can take time before HA have installed it-self, and downloaded i.e updates.
So i guess you already “moved on” to start configuring your installation

BTW, another time, try to paste the corresponding ERRORS, there’s nothing in your picture, and people ( some like me) hesitate to open url’s to unknown sites :wink:

PS: here’s is a link to how you post “formatted” code ( i’e a copy/paste from your logfile/card-codes etc )

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Sorry, I didn’t paste the log because I figured I’d get berated for pasting 200+ lines of text. :slight_smile:

I dunno if it’s installed properly or not, though. It certainly seems to work, but I worried that I’ll spend a ton of time setting it up and then come across an error that’s a result of the ‘failed’ installation. I’ll muddle through and see what works, but I don’t have a lot of confidence. :slight_smile:

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Right, you might :), however if it’s all relevant info in relation to your “current” issue, none can hardly complain :slight_smile:
So always try to copy/past the “part” which seems relevant, Ie “INFO” is hardly ever relevant, “Warnings” is as it says “Warning”-just read it, ERRORS/CRITICAL is relevant, and corresponding/related parts, where it “starts” and “ends” , you’ll learn eventually, don’t be “afraid”, , beside you will soon find out, you have ALOT to learn, don’t let it affect your confidence :wink:

When you get “through” the initial configuration" and comes to your “dashboard” and everything seems to work, you could Reeboot your RPI, to clear your logs
your logs you find under /Settings/system/logs ,
restart/reboot you’ll find under /Developer Tools/Yaml, “restart” is for rereading/starting “frontend/after installed integrations/changing settings-files etc”
reboot under /Developer Tools/Yaml, “restart” “advance option” … rebooting Host/Core/Supervisor

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