Installation Home assistant yellow

me the yellow led only flashes slightly once at the start Hello

I can’t install Home Assistant on the yellow card
core3566 module instead of cm4
970EvoPlus 250GB SSD

the red led stays on and the green led flashes
the yellow LED of the RJ45 port flashes quickly

Nothing more happens

Thank you in advance for your reply, then nothing


Je n’arrive pas a installer Home Assistant sur la carte yellow
Module core3566 a la place du cm4
SSD 970EvoPlus 250Go

la led rouge reste allumer et la led verte clignote
la led jaune du port RJ45 clignote rapidement

Rien de plus ne se passe

D’avance merci pour vos réponse

For non-french speakers, he has a problem installing HA with his Yellow to replace his cm4.
the red led remains on and green led flashes.
That does not necessarily show a problem. I have a Yellow Box that works fine. Red in ON and other led flashes green and yellow

J’ai une boite Yellow qui fonctionne bien et le led rouge est allume egalement et l’autre led clignotte vert et jaune. Donc je ne suis pas sur quel est ton probleme.

moi la led jaune ne clignote qu’une fois légèrement au démarrage puis plus rien

This is an English speaking forum. Either translate your topic, or go to

The mods will close it

me the yellow led only flashes once slightly at startup then nothing

I have a Yellow box that works well and the red led is also on and the other led flashes green and yellow. So I’m not sure what your problem is.

me the yellow led only flashes once slightly at startup then nothing

Je suggere que tu recommences l’installation a partir de zero

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I suggest you start the installation from scratch.

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