Installation not working


When installing is there anything i need to do to get from this screen (not my screen grab as copied from internet):

to the home assistant login

I thought i needed to wait but have left it all night and no joy. I am connected by ethernet, have a standard power adaptor and have tried multiple installs.

Any recommendations would be massively appreciated


Don’t use the machine that HA is installed on.

use any browser and go to <IP_OF_HA_MACHINE>:8123

As Finity said- you access HA through a browser. The URL is at the bottom of the screen you posted. (The one ending with 8123).

Hi -

Thanks maybe im being a complete numpty. I will try again tomorrow and take a screen shot of the exact error and come back. Apologies and thank you for responding

I’m having the same issue… did you get it resolved?