Installation on NUC i3 version 8

I have a Intel NUC and have been using HA on proxmox but now when I integrated a USB-Serial i notice issues with the datalink, I also have RFXtrx and guess there is a confusion since the two are identyfied eual in HA.
I installed the NUC with another SSD with the NUC image and it works perfect but now my whole NUC is then dedicated to HA and that is overpower for my system.
What would be the best way to deploy my HA on the NUC and be able to use it for uther purposes as well?
I love stabilility and easiness, proxmox was lovely until I got the issue with serial-USB from two devices… will Linux and Docker be a better option or should I just stay with native HA and accept the fact that the NUC is occupied…

How about installing Windows or Linux on the NUC, and then use Virtual Box to create a VM for HA? This is what I have, along with other VMs for other purposes (not too many though, or you run out of memory!). I would recommend Linux (eg. Ubuntu) over Windows, because in the past I’ve had issues after forced Windows Updates resulting in the HA VM not starting.