Installation/Setup Problem

I installed HACS and the Fronted HA Floorplan.
I checked that floorplan.js is in the resources. However it is not within /hacsfiles/…
but it is in www/community/…
When I try to add a new card, there is no HA Floorplan card.

What could be the problem?
Which information is required to help me?
Grettings Matthias

When adding resources, replace www in the path with /local. So, if your floorplan.js file is in <config directory>/www/community/floorplan.js, refer to it as /local/community/floorplan.js.

Make sure to reload the page with ctrl+F5 to avoid caching problems with your web browser.

Sorry, but this is not the solution.
When I change the path that way, I get an error message from HACS.
The path is made by HACS/HA-Floorplan itself. I try to add some pictures for better explanation.

The problems seems for me that Floorplan is locking for the files on another place than the HACS installation has stored them (s. picture).
I still need help to get it work!

/hacsfiles is the same as www/community

In your screenshot though you have loaded the resource twice. Remove the second one as the /hacsfiles path will work. Do check though that the floorplan.js file is in www/community/ha-floorplan

Separate to that is the location of the floorplan image and the style sheet. You need to make sure the actual location of those is the SAME as the location specified in your lovelace YAML.

Hi OzGav,
thank you for your post, but this is also not the solution. I tried a lot of things, like adding the resources path by hand, although it was already added by the HACS-installation routine for ha-floorplan.
I think all files should be on the right place.
I will post some screenshots.
Any other suggestions, what could be wrong???

Found the error!
Although I changed the folder name from “Floorplan” to “floorplan” it stayed “Floorplan”.
I had to change the name (upper case to lower case) using a samba share.
HA is case sensitive a some (not all) places.

Should be important for more people
Grettings Matthias

P.S.: This problem to me some hours of work!!!

I was just about to post that I saw that as well. Good news!:+1::grin:

Hi OzGav,
still around?
What to do, to make HA-floorplan use the total screen and not only a third?

Have a look here and see if this helps How to Handle Size and Expand Floorplan - Floorplan for Home Assistant

However that example really seems to be setup for a portrait display. When designing yours make sure you create the SVG with the aspect ratio you are going to predominately use.