Installing Euotronic Spirit Zigbee Thermostat on ZHA Integration (SPZB0001)

Hi There,

I bougth a Eurotronic Spirit Zigbee Thermostat to test some smart home ideas by integrating a heater. Problem is, that device does not show up in pairing mode.

My setup consists of a Server running Proxmox with Home Assistant OS 9.7, Supervisor Version 6.2 and a CC-2251 stick on the Zigbee Home Automation (ZHA) integration. So far I got multiple switches and lamps integrated on this way (mostly plug and play). Any Ideas how to get the thermostat installed without buying a DezCone Stick?

it is supported by ZHA


If you are having trouble pairing, reset the device.

hold boost, +, and - (a count from 1 to 10 will be on the display)
release ones ‘rES’ is displayed
hit boot once after ‘Jin’ is displayed

Thanks for the hint with the boost-button, didn’t know so far. Unfortunatly the reset - as you described - does not make any difference. The thermostat shows Jin and a blinking wifi symbol until it switchs to “Err” and the boost-button light up red.

@xtim Have you gotten this to work? I’m having the same issue.

Unfortunately not. I bought the device as used in ebay and when I shake it, there are some noisees from inside. Maybe the thermostat is broke, maybe this is Norma… Idk. But to be honest I surrendert. There are not enough information for me to get any idea what to do, so unless anyone came up with a great idea I won’t zigbee my heater.