Installing fritzconnection

Hello together,

sorry when i have some stupid questions :smiley: That is my first question here in the forum.

I try to automate my ring.
When the ring is pressed, i want to do a call to all internal DECT Phones, connected to my fritzbox.
For this i can use on the raspberry the fritzconnection package.
This has the option fritzcall -c ‘**9’ which calls all internal phones.

Now i tried to install this package via “pip install fritzconnection”.
This is done in the addon a0d7b954_ssh (SSH & Web Terminal).
This is working. But i can not call the command via an automation.
But the bigger problem is, that after a reboot of the system or only the addon, the fritzconnection is not longer installed.

So my question is, how can I install the python package fritzconnection on my system?
I’m using HomeAssistant OS for the raspberry Pi 3.

I will be so happy when someone can help me.
I tried to find out. But nothing was working :frowning:
I hope someone can help me :slight_smile:

Thank you very much